Chris's Story - Excerpt from our April Newsletter!

Chris's Story at HALO Inc.

“I just want to follow this quote I learned in the 12 step program, ‘Give back what was so freely given to me,’” 
Chris told me. 

“So would you call that your life motto then?” I asked. 
“Yeah, I think so.” 

Chris originally entered HALO with AODA (alcohol and other drug addiction) issues so massive, that he says he had little hope for living. But he knew HALO would be a safe place for him off the streets. He says he was fortunate; he found work right away, and he started with a 12 step program on the path to sobriety. “Coming here [to HALO] was the key to leading me to the 12 step program, and that was the key to dealing with my disease, once and for all,” he tells me. 

And he hasn’t just begun to deal with his AODA issue. He’s begun to help others with the same struggle. His 12 step program encouraged service living, and he took that to heart. “I was blessed with a car and a job that I could use to help other people get on that path.” He would pack people into his small pickup truck in order to get them to meetings entirely free of charge. After a few months in HALO, he had saved enough money to move out on his own, but he specifically chose to move into the Oxford House, a men’s sober living environment that has helped him continue to live well. Within a few months, he had become President of this house, based upon his passion for helping the men around him. 

“I’m 50 years old, and I’m learning to become a responsible person again,” he tells me. And now that he knows he can do that, he wants to help the community. “I want to lead by example and show people that they can change too.”