Success at HALO in March 2017

Charles find self-sufficiency at HALO

Charles entered HALO a few years ago in his early 20s after a falling out with his family. He had a part time job, but had never even finished high school. When he first entered the program, he met with Floyd, HALO's Lead Shelter Case Manager. Floyd strongly encouraged him to take steps that wouldn’t just enable him to leave HALO, but would leave him prepared to provide for himself for the rest of his life. He told him to go back to get his GED so he could have some sort of education, and he asked him to save a percentage of his income each month. “They form you, to be prepared,” he says of this time at HALO.

After a few months of saving money, pursuing his education, and in general learning life skills, Charles decided he was ready to move out. He found a place to move into and continue his part time work. But he didn’t stop there. He finished his GED first. Soon afterwards, he got his fork truck license, and began a full time position driving a fork lift. And now he finds himself a few classes away from finishing his Business Management degree at Gateway technical college. His dream is to open his own restaurant right here in Racine, using these skills that he’s learned.

Charles came back to thank HALO and specifically Floyd for all the support he received. “If you really want to change, you can make it,” is what he tells us, and it is clear that this has become his life motto.

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