Strategic Plan

HALO's most recent strategic plan is detailed on this page. If you would like to download a copy of this plan, click here. In light of the changes that have occurred at HALO in 2017 - expanding our mission to all homeless - the plan is being reviewed to determine what may need revision.

  Objectives Strategies
1 To focus 80% of support services on the root causes of homelessness
  • Secure funding for a peer specialist program with the help of NAMI
  • Train HALO staff to become qualified to address mental health issues
2 Strengthen internal organization for long term stability through staff hiring and training
  • Establish a HALO Staff performance appraisal system
  • Establish a succession plan for all operations staff positions
3 To develop affordable housing options throughout Racine County
  • Work on programs offered by Federal, State, City and Private organizations to provide affordable housing options
4 To find alternative funding sources to support HALO's administration and shelter operating budget
  • Find new sources for non-government grants
  • Build donor base via corporate partnerships 
5 To increase community awareness of HALO and lead education on homelessness, poverty, addiction and hunger
  • Work to coordinate fundraising, mailing and outreach to the community, aiding in donor retention
  • Be proactive in building communication between HALO and local community
6 To build an increasingly effective staff, board, and committee in the organization
  • Recruit new board and committee members
  • Develop protocols for finance, fund development and human resources
7 Develop the second floor to best support the HALO mission
  • Establish partnerships with interested local programs & begin capital campaign


HALO is funded in part by grants and donations from: S.C. Johnson, United Way of Racine County, Racine Community Foundation, Ruud Family Foundation, Racine Dominicans, Union Pacific Foundation, All Saints Foundation, US Bank Foundation, Patrick and Anna Cudahy Foundation, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Racine County, City of Racine and State of Wisconsin Division of Energy, Housing, and Community Resources. 

For a complete list of donors, see our most recent Annual Report.

HALO is grateful for the 200+ individuals and business who have generously contributed to our 
Journey to Self-Sufficiency Endowment Fund. For a complete listing of contributors, please click here. 

This agency receives funding from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and/or the State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce to provide services for homeless and near homeless individuals and their families. A requirement of this funding is that this agency participates in the Wisconsin Homeless Management Information System. This system collects basic information about clients receiving services from this agency. This requirement was enacted in order to get a more accurate count of individuals and families who are homeless and to identify the need for different services.

HALO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) qualified organization.